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Salesforce Application Customization Services

Reports And Dashboards

Maximize value of your data. Insights into sales pipeline. Build revenue predictability.

Dynamic Email Templates

Increase productivity. Build messaging consistency. Stay connected with your customers.

Salesforce CRM Integration

Ensure effective integration. Seamless data flow between ERP, accounting and CRM , applications, and databases.

Custom Objects And Records

Store unique information. Align functionalities with your business. Enhance functionality and improved sales.

Bulk Data Processing

Make your life easier for operations like updating or deleting records when dealing with bulk data.

Automate Recurring Tasks

Speed up manual, resource-intensive and monotonous processes like creating tasks, sending emails, and updating or deleting records.

Build Custom Salesforce Consoles

Simplify everyday CRM tasks. Streamline processes. Create bespoke solutions. Empower your teams.

App Customization

Reinvent your Salesforce mobile apps. Enhanced customer experience. Introduce custom tabs and features.

And More..

Listen and align with your business processes to achieve the desired outcomes.

Salesforce Application Customization Engagement Models

Why Salesforce Application Customization Services?

Salesforce offers almost everything you could imagine for your business, but sometimes the standard solutions just don’t work. Customization helps you to:

Salesforce products we can customize for you

Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Finance Cloud
Health Cloud
Community Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Application Customization is the process of tailoring a Salesforce app to meet specific business requirements. To customize an app in Salesforce, you need to follow these steps:

Define your requirements: Before customizing the app, you need to identify the business requirements that the app needs to fulfill.

Analyze the app: Analyze the app to understand its features and functionality.

Determine the scope of customization: Determine the areas of the app that require customization and the extent of customization required.

Configure the app: Use the Salesforce App Builder to configure the app. You can add custom fields, objects, tabs, and more to the app.

Customize the user interface: Use Salesforce Lightning to customize the user interface of the app. You can customize the app’s branding, layout, and theme.

Test and deploy the app: Test the customized app to ensure it meets the business requirements. Once it’s tested, deploy the app to your users.

Salesforce partners can help with requirements gathering, analysis, and customization to ensure their clients’ apps are tailored to their business needs.

Yes, you can build custom apps in Salesforce. A Salesforce consulting company can help you with the development and integration of custom apps within your Salesforce environment. This can include incorporating third-party integrations to enhance functionality and improve overall business processes.

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