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Defining and realizing your Digital Transformation Roadmap
Your digital transformation roadmap must be aligned with changing business environment and the needs of your customers, business partners, employees and shareholders. For a successful digital transformation, business processes need to be transformed using the right technology platforms and end users need to adopt the transformed processes. However, research by industry analysts suggests that this investment doesn’t typically provide the returns expected. At Winspire, we leverage our Running Start and Runway methodologies to help our clients define the right roadmap, accelerate value realization as well as de-risk and accelerate the realization of your digital transformation objectives. The key tenets of our approach are Aligning your transformation roadmap with the business strategy Involvement of senior executives at the right time to gain alignment and sponsorshipTransform your business processes and new capabilities using the right technology platforms Accelerate business value realization from your transformation initiatives Integrate user experience, Organizational Change Management and Learning with program execution to drive better user adoption Leverage Winspire solutions to address gaps in technology platforms as well as use our tools and accelerators to improve program execution

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