Accelerate sales process with accurate Quotes. We help to Streamline the Quote-to-Order (Q2O) Process

Businesses with CPQ integration have an average 35% increase in quote precision when compared to plain Salesforce.

Features of CPQ

Guided Selling

Enable salespeople to create technically-valid quotes rapidly using guided selling tools

Revenue generation models

Enjoy unrivaled support to all types of revenue-generation models in a hassle-free manner

Reduce Quote Inaccuracy

Implement a pre-defined quote structure seamlessly, thereby eliminating quoting errors

Prevent leakage of revenues

Develop complex deal scenario models to identify and prevent leakage of revenues

Catalogs and Price books

Create a unified data model to simplify maintenance of product catalogs and price books


Close deals quickly by streamlining approval workflows and providing complete visibility

Quotes in Real time

Share quoting information with partners in real time and enable them to quote at their rates

Automate activities

Automate all post-sales activities and generate orders from approved quotes

Dynamic quotes using Libraries

Generate dynamic quotes that allow insertion of specific terms using a library of clauses



Improvement in Pricing Accuracy


Faster Approval of Quotes


Growth in Upsells and Cross-sells


Reduction in Configuration Errors


Shorter Quote-to-Order Cycles


Faster Generation of Quotes


Improvement in Quoting Accuracy

Source: datasheet from Salesforce.

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